Hey guys I'm at this photography exhibit right now at the Carnegie art museum. Just gonna take the liberty of live posting interesting shots as I see them, maybe with commentary. The Exhibit:

“Drainage Pump: New Orleans”

New Orleans, 2016

Robert E Lee Monument, New Orleans

Family under the Presidio-ojinaga international bridge 2019

Bathroom selfie thrown in. Trying to keep my covid on the downlow.

Photographer is apparently vietnamese

And staged scenes like this one

And this one

Wait correction on that last one

And here's how Trader Joe's gets its asparagus

Zoomers zoom for gun control

New Mexico, how these messages are getting to you right now

Oh and that Oval Office set was SNL 2018 She also went to the Iraq war

Stabilization operations


Looks like outer space

Water break

Poor Joes, 2003/4

Iraqi cops

Accompanying desc

Part of a series of Vietnam war re-enactments Tutoring refugees in English

Guantanamo Bay, housing for visiting lawyers and media

Officer aboard the USS Ronald Reagan

Palette cleanser in the statue gallery

Again the French Connection... go figure ...

So that's how it's done

This part actually makes the monument removal part more coherent, gripping Reenactment one. The contrast between jungle and desert is striking

She has a fascination for these hangdog sorts, her enemy and rescuer. In this case a retired firefighter on 9/11, Brooklyn

Quite a contrast with the people they protect. Here New Orleans again

July 4th 2017 Turner restoration studio , Yale 2018

Versus these of lee, removed

Statues become something dangerous , to be guarded

A very Paul-talkian metaphor is expressing itself through all these photos as a whole Mexican gravemarkers, in lieu of real tombstones i e statues

Nearby Texas ranch, where white men still right on horseback, as if ready to be cast into iron

Contrasted against the garishly mechanical. Hard to imagine these land transport hovercrafts Being a subject of sculpture

@Spencer if I wrote an article about this exhibit do you think your sculptor pal in NYC would be interested? An essay is forming in my head The black and white almost seems deliberate here, as if to show how Iraqi urban life is a kind of desaturates version of the American one it is a copy of

Same here

Stunning photo and interesting description of her camera rig......quite the contrast with the portable iPhone I'm taking all these on

Poor sadam. Some of his men at least loved him

Wait so the real story's a bit more nuanced

She clearly sees parallels with herself and Hispanic migrant workers

Cross pollination shield a kind of echo of war invading the natural world like a military net

Set of free state of jones, firing lesson , Louisiana ...- seems to remind her of Vietnam

Security guard informed the exhibit was scheduled to open March 13 the day the museum closed for Covid Her exhibit is preserved artificiallyblong here by the pandemic Like the statues being preserved by homeland security Cheeky pithybpoint to start an article The ambiguous face of us border patrol

This one on the mexican side

Twins Like the brothers in the civil war General pgt Beauregard ... New Orleans... industrial looped advertising banner an echo again of the pollination protection net

Texas/Mexico a parallel of iraq and Louisiana of vietnam

The rio grande river

The natural division, in lieu of a wall As a metaphor for nature versus man And the way actual divisions between things are snakey rather than straight Important detail

Nam isn't all jungle

Echoes of the American prairie Invasion by sea

And... a modern us sailor

Androgeny itself a metaphor

For the blurring of lines between enemy and friend And classical sculpture that which showcases the beauty of the sexes

Art preservation versus the industrial mechanism necessary for their preservation...here a parts depot in France

Or this mill silo

Which recalls the desert Statues a thing of earth, and earth a thing contested Stones the first prehistoric implement of war

Stone as flesh. The legend of pygmaleon

Modern sculpture some sad replica of that

The transmutation of earth into gold So alchemy Of war into civilization Etc. Think I might have enough to go on Hope some people enjoy this running account Museums above all castles of stone

Terpsichore I wonder where the other muses are hangin Will have to meet them another day... The ability to lounge versus the need to stand bolt upright

Now here's a symbol for duality and pandemic all at once Also as I'm leaving I note : The art itself...and the gift shop Fin. And beyond the museum glass of the carefully preserved terrarium, the plague of modern art welcoming the exiting visitor back into the horror of the real world:thinking:.

Bragging about the perspectival trickery that allows the ugly to dominate the real A dick waving, gloomy sight

Doctoral degrees being bought and sold from the bus terminal, where grim proles await heir ferry journey Happy All Saints